Here are just a few of the many letters and comments from those who
have attended my classes or workshops. I appreciate it and thank you.....

I was so impressed with your workshop and wanted to thank you again.  With a great sense of when to say
what, you helped us explore and stretch, and the results that day were amazing. I have managed to do some
work since, and find I have added new phrases to my running dialogue and thinking a lot about being bolder
and less finicky, using the expression of color and letting the idea of“concept”guide my attempts at
simplification. I know I am not there yet, but I am encouraged and grateful. Larry G


Oh my goodness, Shelly. I was on such a high Saturday after our workshop. Thank you for such an
outstanding day. I love your style and energy and want to emulate that in my own work. I will definitely be
taking another class from you, perhaps the August two day session. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.
You have helped my art in ways you could not know. Tara C


To whom it may concern:
I have had the opportunity and pleasure to take two pastel painting classes with Shelly Eager.
My experience in her classes has been wonderful and I am eagerly awaiting the next class. Shelly has
a special gift when it comes to her own unique talent of painting with pastels. More importantly for her
students she is willing to share everything she knows. During our first class Shelly demonstrated the
various attributes of several brands of papers and pastels and I was able to learn more about the media
that I was working with and the subtleties that were especially creative. We all felt comfortable with Shelly
right from the start. As we began to paint an interesting still life, set up by Shelly, it became very apparent
to me that her style of teaching encouraged us to seek a better outcome. She allowed us to develop at our
own pace and styles, yet she knew exactly when it was most appropriate to make suggestions in a positive
way. Shelly also covered many elements and principles of art as we were working. Critiques were honest, encouraging and stimulating. Shelly's enthusiasm about pastel painting is most motivating. I would highly recommend and encourage her to continue her craft of painting and teaching It is exciting to know that
more students can learn so much and feel so good about what they can create. The opportunities to learn
are endless and Shelly has made me feel good about what I do and has encouraged me pursue a
higher level of artistic work in pastel.
Tina G


Saturday, March 28, 2009 Subject: Re: today's workshop
Thank YOU, Shelly. You're a great teacher.
You have an ardent but relaxed style and a very pleasant personality. Jana H


Hello Shelly:
Thank you so much for your positive critique. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop.
As I told you I've never worked with black paper before and really loved using the bright bold colors of the
pastel. Joanne
P.S. My clouds achieved their energy from all your,energy. You.inspire! : ) Thanks again.


Hi Shelly,
Thanks for your time! It was lots of fun; you have a nice way of working with people. I will definitely be
interested in another class.
Pat R


Hi Shelly,
Thanks for a great workshop. I'm so pleased with my painting!! I couldn't believe all the talent in that room
yesterday. Everyone went home with something worth framing and the incentive to try pastels again. The
teacher in you is apparent, encouragement without crowding, compliments and helpful critiques. The class
was just terrific. Joanne


Hi Shelly,
Your Pastel Demo was truly eye-opening. I enjoyed watching your direct approach and your energy.
The end result was so bold, expressive and seemed to pop off the paper. It was done in a style that I hope
to achieve in my watercolor works. Thank you --- Lesia S


Hi Shelly:
I was so excited when I left class, I went shopping. I hit the 'mother load”. Thank you for not giving in to the
whole wimpy-left-hand argument. My easle is set up and I am completing my painting as we speak. I've
started to shade the background and the subject is really popping! The girls definitely want to get you back.
We will gather a group who will support your return because the Middleton Arts has a tiny budget. There
are enough of us that are thrilled to learn with you, we are sure we will fill the room. I am so thrilled with my
new found ability to use color and get results, that I want to learn everything I can from you. So, consider me
your permanent student. You are an amazing talent and we appreciate your guidance. Carolyn...


What it is you give to us as a teacher. I think it goes beyond the things that can be quantified, like how to
make particular strokes, what colors to use, how to give form to an object or person, perspective for
buildings, etc. All of those things are important, helpful, and welcome. I think, though, that what makes you
an exceptional artist is your eye for seeing just what is missing in a painting to make it sing, and your
ability to convey that to us with such enthusiasm and encouragement is what makes you a great teacher.
You are training my eye, as well as my hand. What the eye does not see, the hand cannot produce, so I
know that is my big challenge right now, and I'm excited to work hard at it.  And beyond all this, what has
enabled us to grow so much, I believe, is the circle of love and trust that we have developed as a group
because we can feel how much you love us and want us to succeed: Carmela